Do you want greater attention from your Instagram followers? It might be difficult to choose which hashtags to use while posting online. This article will provide you with 1120 of the most effective Instagram hashtags for boosting your post engagement. We’ve got you covered whether you need generic hashtags, hashtags for a specific topic, or hashtags to help you become highlighted. If you’re looking for the best hashtags to use in Instagram photos, keep reading!

Instagram: What’s a Hashtag?

Hashtags are used to organise material on Instagram and are denoted by the symbol “#” before a term or phrase. Including a hashtag in your post makes it part of a larger archive of related content. You may find other Instagram users who share your passions this way.

Popular 2023 Instagram Hashtags

Keeping up with the most effective hashtags to use on Instagram is crucial if you want to reach your intended audience. According to the Instagram Engagement Report 2023, developed by Mention and Hubspot, we’ve generated a list of the most widely used hashtags on Instagram in the year 2023. You may increase interaction with your Instagram posts and attract a wider audience if you keep these hashtags in mind when you create content.

2023’s Most Engaging Hashtags on Instagram

Not all of the most widely used hashtags on Instagram will lead to the most interactions. In addition to utilising hashtags from the above list of popular Instagram tags for 2023, you may also want to use hashtags that are more relevant to your material. Use #funnyvideos or #funnyreels if you’re making a humorous video. Use #workoutmotivation or #callisthenics if you’re making a video about working out. Use #travelreels or #instagramreels if you’re making a travel video. Use #catlovers or #kitten if you’re making a film about cats. The number of likes and comments you receive on your posts might be boosted by using relevant hashtags.

Top hashtags on Instagram, sorted by topic

With so many options available, it might be difficult to select the best hashtag for your Instagram postings. To save you time, we’ve sorted the most popular Instagram hashtags into categories to help you identify the ones that are most relevant to your posts.

How to Get the Most Out of Instagram Hashtags: 8 Steps

  • Make sure the hashtags you include in your article go in with the subject matter. Choose tags that not only explain the content of the photo or video, but also match the post’s overall mood and tone.
  • Connect with your local audience and highlight where your product is accessible by using location tags. Using hashtags like “#London,” “#VisitPortugal,” and “#ExploreBC” allows you to connect with others who are interested in travelling to that city or country.
  • Use both widely used and more specific hashtags to increase exposure and interaction. In general, more views may be expected from popular tags, while more targeted views can be obtained from specialty tags.
  • Limit yourself to no more than 15–20 hashtags every post to avoid making your descriptions appear overcrowded.
  • Capitalising the initial letter of each word in a hashtag improves readability. Eye shadow, for instance, would be written as #EyeShadow.
  • Using the same hashtags over and over will get you shadowbanned on Instagram. This necessitates switching out your tags on a regular basis so that your posts don’t all seem the same.
  • Finding the most popular, relevant, and efficient hashtags for your postings is easy with the help of a hashtag research tool. Instagram’s Hashtag Generator is an excellent resource for finding relevant hashtags.
  • Including relevant hashtags in your bio is a great way to boost interaction and gain new followers. But don’t stop there; hashtags may also be used in comments and stories. Use the Instagram Hashtag Generator to quickly generate relevant tags for your posts.