With Instagram’s new product tagging feature, you’ll have even more opportunities to generate new sales.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform right now, making it ideal for advertising your items.

Integrating your Facebook store with your company’s profile

Having Facebook’s go-ahead to set up shopping on Instagram is the next step in learning how to tag things on Instagram. Verify that the products you’re selling in your shop adhere to Facebook’s Merchant Agreement and commercial regulations. Please read Facebook’s policies before using the site.

The last thing to do is link your Facebook company page to your catalogue of products. The things you sell are catalogued in a Facebook product catalogue.

Product tagging may be activated from the Settings page.

Make sure you’ve turned on the option to tag items in Instagram posts before you try to use it. You’ll find this option in the Sked account settings.

Select the ‘Settings’ tab (second from the bottom) from the Sked app’s menu on the left. You are now prepared to begin the process of product tagging.

Putting up your picture and modifying it normally

Make sure your content stands out before you get into Instagram product tagging.

Your tagged material, like the rest of your feed, should be aesthetically consistent. Most social media users can detect an increase sales pitch from a mile away, so it’s better to diversify your content by posting about things other than your products.

Next, head over to the Sked app’s ‘Upload Posts’ area and modify your image as normal. Including initial comment, copy, hashtags, and location.

Including a product tag in a picture

You will now see the ‘Tag Product’ screen. You can add a tag by clicking anywhere on the image. It’s best to stay away from the very edges while tagging, as tags placed there may ‘click’ outside the taggable area when Sked publishes.

When you’re through adding tags and want to save them, select the blue ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the ‘Tag Product’ screen.

Tagging Your Products on Time and With Confidence

Knowing how to do so today, you can investigate tagging goods on Instagram Stories. If you have at incease your followers, you may post links to your Instagram Stories now that you’ve switched to a business profile.

Simply proceed with posting your photograph as normal. Turn on the Story feature by toggling its switch to the right. The next step is to paste your link into the space provided just below the first comment caption box.

This post was written in conjunction with Sked Social, and we hope you’ve liked it. You should now be familiar with Instagram product tagging. You should immediately begin using Instagram product tagging into your marketing approach. With Sked Social, users can schedule and publish content to many social media accounts with a single click. Sked is the first step in having genuine interactions with your fans and followers.