Instagram is largely a photo-sharing site, so the first step to achieving success on the network is shooting amazing photographs. Other strategies, such as utilising the proper hashtags and discovering your specialty, can help you get a larger following. Here are six easy measures to take to ensure that your Instagram gallery is as polished and professional as it can be.

Observe Outdoor Lighting

Overusing your phone’s flash function is not a good idea. While the flash can effectively light up your subject, the resultant photo may be too intense for your tastes. Instead, attempt to bring in as much natural light as you can.

Remember that utilising the direct sunlight produces the same issue as using the flash on your camera: too much brightness in the obtained image. Use reflective materials, such as gold or silver sheet panels, to illuminate your subject instead of direct sunlight. When photographing outside, the best time of day is either just before sunrise or just after sunset. This time of day, known as the “Golden Hour,” is perfect for photographing pictures outside in natural light.

Use the Thirds Rule

In most cases, this is the standard that professional photographers adhere to. Nine identical squares make up the camera’s frame. This results in four lines total, two horizontal and two vertical, across the picture. Instead of putting the focus on the middle of the frame, try moving the topic along one of these lines.

Using the rule of thirds, you may separate your composition into a “dominant” region containing your topic, and a “subordinate” area containing supporting details and establishing atmosphere. Although the rule of thirds is not an inflexible guideline, you may test its effectiveness by applying it to your own photographs.

Consider Non-Conventional Viewpoints

Have you ever noticed that almost everyone utilises the same viewpoint for their selfies? Faces are crammed as tightly together as possible, the camera is held at an angle just above shoulder level, and the subject’s head is cocked to look directly down the lens.

This is the prime illustration of a tired and overused photography perspective. Taking shots of commonplace items from novel perspectives might help your portfolio stand out. With this trick, you can make any ordinary thing look more captivating in a photograph.

Don’t focus too closely

The zoom function on a smartphone camera is consistently abused. It produces photos where the subject’s face fills up the whole frame, leaving the backdrop a confusing blur. To get more fascinating photographs, don’t zoom in too far and make your subject a part of the background.

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

The background can also be used to provide the illusion of depth to an otherwise two-dimensional image. You may create depth and perspective in your photo by placing items in the backdrop and giving it a pattern. A meandering road or a looming skyscraper may provide visual interest to a photograph in the same way that a field of waving crops does.

Don’t Get Attached to Just One Lens

It’s likely that you use the same filter or combination of filters in your camera for the vast majority of your pictures. If you do this often enough, you risk having all of your photos seem the same. In reality, each filter is made to work best with a specific kind of image.

You may either read up on the many kinds of filters and when to apply them, or you can learn by doing.


Instagram photos should be well-lit, visually engaging, and convey information about the topic and setting; here are some of the most fundamental guidelines for doing so.