It’s common knowledge that social media is about more than simply fancy ads and pretty pictures. It might be time-consuming to compile an Instagram report, but doing so is essential if you want to meet the needs of your followers.

A fantastic report is also a direct route to the affections of your customers.

However, according to Socialinsider’s competitive benchmark data, Instagram appears to be attracting the greatest interaction, out of all the social media platforms. We’ve collaborated with them to discover the most efficient way to provide a high-quality, personalised Instagram report for our clients.

What Exactly Is an Instagram Report, and How Can It Benefit My Company?

Access the inner workings of your Instagram account with the help of a detailed report. There are several other indicators that may be broken down in a marketing success report, such as Engagement, Reach, Interactions, and many more.

Positive Effects of a Detailed Report that Compares to the Competition

Agencies and companies might benefit from using Instagram to learn more about their audiences’ online and offline habits.

Seeing where you are in relation to your top rivals is an important step in learning the dos and don’ts of Instagram.

The beauty of Socialinsider is that it also gives you a thorough analysis of how you compare to the competition. This allows for a more complete understanding of the context in which companies operate, which is crucial information for any Instagram report.

Client-specific reporting drives more successful marketing efforts.

Instagram reports may be generated on a regular schedule (monthly, quarterly, yearly), as needed, or on an ad hoc basis (to get a feel for your communication efforts and formulate a well-rounded strategy for next steps).

While it’s true that every company wants more followers and engagements, not every brand has the same key performance indicators.

Know the intended audience for each report so that you can tailor the content accordingly.

Preparing an Instagram Activity Report: What You Need to Know

With the right software, you can generate reports fit for presentation, complete with eye-catching charts and graphs that will grab your client’s attention. But first, you need to figure out what it is you want to emphasise.

Stats that matter for Instagram

Do you require a one-time campaign report? Want to check to see whether your number of followers has increased? Maybe you’re interested in seeing if you’ve improved from last year.

Make your key performance indicators (KPIs) time-bound, quantifiable, and meaningful.

Pick Your Measurement Criteria

Better quality than quantity. Make sure the metrics you chose to measure are informative and productive for expansion. Audience, engagement, conversions, and content type metrics will always indicate the best course of action to take on Instagram.

That is to say, discoveries that can be put into practise will always be more beneficial.

Follow Instagram’s Evolution

All types of social media undergo continuous development. A tactic’s success in the past is no guarantee of its continued success in the present. You need to be abreast of emerging best practises so you can include them into your reports.

Make Decisions Based on Data for the Future

All the numbers tell a tale about the strategy. Information about your hashtags, for instance, can advise you how many hashtags to use and what would be the most interesting combination to utilise in your posts.

Make a Strategy

Information, even unflattering numbers, is valuable. If you add a strategy for growth in your Instagram report, your clients will have confidence in your abilities.