After all, if you can keep your readers interested, they will likely spread the word about your site and eventually become paying clients.

Getting people to interact with your content is easier said than done, especially when competing with other Instagram accounts.

This is especially timely now that Instagram has introduced Stories.

Your marketing efforts might benefit greatly from this new Snapchat-like function, but how can you make it resonate with your audience?

Make it Private

Providing access to something only your followers can see or do is a terrific approach to increase both.

If you want to give your followers exclusive promos or behind-the-scenes access that they won’t find in their regular Instagram feeds or anyplace else, Instagram Stories is the place to do it.

Do you find this to be a little far-fetched?

Not at all. Nike employed this strategy to debut the 2016 Michigan Wolverines football uniforms prior to the commencement of the collegiate football season.

Jumping Man: A Sample Instagram Story

Let your audience know that exciting material is only going to be disclosed through this format, whether you do so by giving them the inside scoop at a marketing event or by using a Story to unveil a new contest or product.

Use Lots of Colour

You can now do the same thing with Instagram Stories that has helped propel Snapchat’s popularity: add various forms of text and artwork to your photographs.

Using bold language or vivid colours in your posts is a terrific approach to draw more attention to your Story. Adding thought bubbles to your story with something as basic as polka dots is a great way to spice things up.

No, you are not restricted to using only lines and dots. Instagram Stories are a great way to express your creative side.

Be Timely

The fact that Instagram Stories disappear from your profile after 24 hours is another major feature, similar to that of Snapchat.

While this implies that your Story may never be seen by certain people, it also presents an opportunity to capitalise on the limited lifespan of Stories.

A Story might be used to advertise a time-sensitive sale or restricted attendance event. You don’t want this type of stuff sitting idle on your Instagram feed.

Of course, you don’t have to wait till anything makes its first appearance in your Story before you utilise it. Though freshness and rarity can boost interaction with posts at their first publication, Stories can be saved and used at a later time.

Ignore the Poles

While most of your Instagram posts will be carefully written and edited, Stories will give you the chance to show off your brand’s true colours.

And that calls for abandoning many of the accepted methods in the field of photography.

Instagram Stories don’t necessarily need the same spit-shine as typical, run-of-the-mill Instagram pictures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them appear just as great.

It’s OK for an unplanned, behind-the-scenes video to lack the polish of polished content. Furthermore, Instagram Stories do a far better job than carefully prepared material of showcasing your company’s individuality and appeal to your target audience.


Even while targeting might not seem like the most original way to promote using Instagram Stories, it is a huge advantage over Snapchat.

You may increase the likelihood that people who aren’t already familiar with your business’ Instagram account will see your material if you tailor your Instagram Stories to a specific demographic.

Liquor companies have begun using Instagram’s targeting features to restrict their Stories to those above 21 in recent months. This ensures that their content is only viewed by individuals who are of legal age to purchase their wares.

Although it goes against common sense to restrict who may view your Instagram Story, doing so can prove to be a more effective marketing strategy in the long run.

Tell Me About Yourself.

Thanks to Instagram Stories, it’s simpler than ever to express your brand’s narrative to an interested audience.

If you use Instagram Stories to their greatest potential, you may increase your brand’s social media engagement to new heights.

Obviously, we’re excited to see what your brand’s Instagram Stories will bring to the platform.