It’s annoying when your Instagram story views aren’t going up, especially if you’re a business or individual seeking to get more exposure and interaction on the platform. If your Instagram story views aren’t increasing, you may want to rethink your strategy. Stories are a terrific way to connect with your audience and attract new followers.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the most common reasons why your Instagram story views might be stagnating, and then offer some suggestions for how to get things back on track.


Inconsistency in posting to Instagram might be a major factor in the stagnation of your story’s viewership.

If your followers know when to expect new content from you, they may be more likely to interact with it. Your audience is more likely to lose interest in what you have to say if you don’t post regularly.

Create a plan for your content.
To solve this problem, you need a content strategy that specifies when and how often you’ll be posting.

Think about your target audience and when they are most likely to be online, then post at those times consistently.

This will enhance the likelihood that your followers will interact with your material by letting them know when to anticipate it.

Subpar Material

Your content might not be high enough or interesting enough to increase your Instagram story views.

If your Instagram story material isn’t up to snuff in terms of aesthetic appeal and user engagement, your followers may be less inclined to view and interact with your posts.

Work on the Quality of Your Content

To solve this problem, you should provide high-quality material that is both interesting and easy on the eyes.

Create engaging visuals with Canva or Adobe Spark, then incorporate Instagram’s native tools like stickers, GIFs, and polls to boost engagement.

Making ensuring your stories are well-lit and aesthetically beautiful is important as well.


If your followers aren’t reacting to your Instagram stories, that could also explain why your views aren’t rising.

If your Instagram stories aren’t getting any likes, comments, or shares, Instagram’s algorithm may not recommend them for discovery.

Inspire Participation

Asking questions, hosting polls, and replying to comments are all great ways to get people involved in finding solutions to this problem.

You can further encourage participation by holding a contest or offering a prize.

You may improve the number of people who see your posts by encouraging them to interact with them, which sends a message to Instagram’s algorithm that your content is worthwhile.

Lack of hashtags

You may not be using hashtags, which could be one reason why your Instagram story views are stagnant. If you’re not using hashtags to help people find your material, it may never be seen by anyone who isn’t already following you.

Trending Hashtags

You can do something about this by including trending hashtags into your Instagram posts. Find trending and useful hashtags for your niche using services like Hashtagify and RiteTag.

Be careful not to appear spammy by overusing hashtags, or you risk losing your audience.

Mistrusting Analytics

Last but not least, not paying attention to your Instagram statistics may be a contributing factor in the stagnation of your story’s viewership.

Instagram’s analytics, which include measures like content views, impressions, and engagement rates, are quite helpful.

There may be ways to enhance your content strategy that you are missing out on if you do not analyse this data.

Do an Audit of Your Analytics

To solve this problem, you should check your analytics frequently to spot any patterns or trends in how your content is performing.

Take this information and use it to fine-tune your content strategy.

Ignoring Your Intended Market

One possible explanation for your stagnant Instagram story views is that you aren’t promoting your posts to the appropriate demographic.

If your material isn’t interesting or useful to your readers, they may not share or promote it.

The Answer: Do Your Research on Your Intended Readership
To solve this problem, you must first learn the preferences, concerns, and demographics of your intended audience.

Put this data to use by creating content that speaks directly to their wants, needs, and passions.

Ignoring Popular Content and Current Trends

If you aren’t taking advantage of trends and viral material, it could be another reason why your Instagram story views aren’t rising.

Instagram followers are more likely to interact with posts that are timely, useful, and shareable.

You may be missing out on chances to boost your visibility and engagement if you don’t take advantage of these trends and make content that is simple to share.

Keep up with current trends and viral content is the answer

Keeping up with the most recent trends and viral material in your niche will help you overcome this issue. Find out what people are talking about by using sites like Google Trends, BuzzSumo, and Reddit.

Ignoring the Potential of Video Content
Last but not least, the lack of video in your Instagram stories could be a contributing factor.

Instagram users are increasingly watching videos on the platform because they find them more interesting and shareable than still photos.

Including video in your strategy

Add more video to your Instagram posts to solve this problem.

Take advantage of Instagram’s in-app tools like Reels and IGTV to make in-depth videos that reflect your brand’s ethos.


In conclusion, there are a number of potential causes for the stagnation in your Instagram story’s viewership, and corresponding remedies.

The visibility and engagement of your Instagram account may be improved by the implementation of a consistent content strategy, the production of high-quality and engaging content, the encouragement of participation, the use of relevant hashtags, and the analysis of your data.