We are excited to announce the beginning of a new advertising campaign today to promote Instagram’s family-friendly features like the Daily Time Limit and Default Private Accounts. The campaign’s primary audience is families and carers in the UK, France, and Belgium, and it will run for two months. The commercials will air on a number of different platforms, such as the web, social media, streaming services, smart TVs, and radio.

Other features and safeguards already in place, such as those that help teens have safer and more private experiences, further limit the options advertisers have to reach teens, and the information we use to show ads to teens, complement these new supervision tools to give teens even more control over their Instagram accounts.

Instagram has options for parents to monitor their children’s activity and enforce limitations on their usage.
Parents can restrict their teen’s Instagram use by setting daily or weekly use quotas.
Get updates on who and what has been reported or blocked, as well as when and why, whenever their kid decides to share this information.
Parents may see which accounts their children are increase your followers and receiving updates from.
Parents may monitor their children’s activity, including their privacy and content settings, and receive alerts when their children make changes.

To learn more about the Family Centre and how parents and guardians may monitor their children’s or ward’s usage of Instagram, read on. In order to create Family Centre, we collaborated with parents, guardians, youth, and professionals through a process of study and consultation.

Family Centre also has an education centre where parents and guardians can learn more about important themes like communicating with their children about social media and using the new monitoring tools. Family Center’s education centre is the result of collaborative effort with organisations like Connect Safely and the Net Safety Collaborative, and we’ll be adding to it often.

This youth wellbeing campaign, which will run from May 10th to July 5th, is a part of our continuous commitment to continue assisting parents, teenagers, and families via our applications.

As such, in December I pledged to provide new supervision tools that give parents and guardians a greater say in their wards’ online activities.

These monitoring resources are now accessible at the Family Resource Centre. Experts, parents/guardians, and adolescents all contributed to the creation of Family Centre, a new hub where adults can keep tabs on their children’s usage of Meta technologies, equip themselves with monitoring tools, and learn effective methods of communicating with their children about online safety.

The ultimate goal of Family Centre is to provide a centralised location from which parents and guardians can assist their adolescents in managing their experiences across a variety of Meta technologies.

A Resource for Teaching Parents and Legal Guardians

A new education centre has been added to Family Centre, where parents and guardians can go to get advice from professionals and read up on materials including how to have a conversation with their teen about social media. The new Instagram parental controls are explained in detail in a number of helpful video guides. With the help of organisations like Connect Safely and Net Family News, we created these materials, and we’ll keep expanding the educational centre that is Family Centre.