You’ve examined the data and are persuaded that Instagram is the best platform for brand promotion. This social media platform offers businesses a workable option for increasing their reach thanks to its strong levels of engagement and more than millions of daily active users. You must also take Instagram’s degree of competition into account. According to EMarketer, by 2017, about 70.7% of American businesses would be utilising the platform for marketing.

You must therefore figure out how to stand out and use Instagram advertisements to efficiently reach your target market. However, not every advertisement is effective. With their Instagram advertising, brands may commit a number of errors that will have a much smaller impact than anticipated. In order to design effective ads for an Instagram advertising campaign, use the advice below:

Use videos to demonstrate your abilities

Videos enable you to demonstrate the capabilities of both your product and your brand. Additionally, Instagram video ads give you the chance to connect with and engage brand-new audiences who are interested in your business. Create engaging, brief movies that showcase your product’s features to attract viewers and encourage conversions.

When their Enlight App couldn’t achieve the same popularity as its predecessor, Facetune, Lightricks turned to Instagram video advertisements. They desired to increase downloads and app visibility. They thus produced a number of video advertisements highlighting some of the innovative features of the app.

To increase conversions, target the right prospects

Businesses are given the tools they need by Instagram’s precise targeting features, which let them choose which consumers see their ad campaigns. Highly targeted advertisements can help you reach a new audience with the least amount of money spent by luring customers who are most likely to be interested in your goods or services.

The appropriate audience targeting allowed Gilt to run a profitable, highly effective Instagram ad campaign. They took advantage of Instagram’s Lookalike Audience function to locate prospects who have characteristics in common with those they view as their best clients.

To entice customers, use imaginative imagery

Your branding and advertising need to be updated if you want to reach a new audience. Make use of imaginative imagery, such as telling pictures or illustrations that are pertinent. Take advantage of Instagram’s visual capabilities to present your goods or services from a fresh angle.

When Harley-Davidson intended to increase brand visibility and audience engagement among younger people, they achieved just that. They collaborated with illustrators to produce innovative pictures that included their motorcycles as works of art. Each advertisement’s drawings were split into five distinct pieces to create a carousel ad that tells a tale.

Integrate with natural posts

Ads that are aggressive and in your face are no longer popular. Therefore, your Instagram advertising shouldn’t look like a regular commercial in order for them to be effective. Create pictures that resemble the other photos that users would often see in their newsfeeds instead. Place your products as though the average Instagram user were to upload a photo of them.

Pura Vida Bracelets, which intended to increase sales through Instagram advertising at a low cost, found this to be effective. So they made the decision to deploy carousel advertising that featured various images of people wearing their bracelets.

Share a tale

Instagram videos are the perfect medium for storytelling. in order to incorporate a storytelling method into your upcoming Instagram advertising campaign. Using this medium, you could either tell the story of your brand or include your product into visual storytelling. In any case, the objective is to attract both potential and current customers in order to increase engagement and expand your audience.

Leading Korean clothing company Bean Pole made the decision to engage their target market in this way.


These illustrations and suggestions ought to be able to help you create a successful Instagram advertising campaign. You now understand how selecting the appropriate audience can give you a very effective and budget-friendly advertising solution. You also know how to create advertising graphics that appeals to your target market.