Brands may work together to share their perspectives on current events, produce material that appeals to both of their audiences, host a Q&A session, and so much more with this innovative type of advertising.

It’s never been a better moment to promote yourself on Twitter with ‘Twitter Moments,’ especially given the growing amount of advertisers and marketers who are turning to Instagram and Facebook for success.

Tips for attracting viewers using “Twitter Moments”

1. Disseminate timely news

More than a quarter of American adults (Pew Research) rely on social media to keep up with the news. It’s no secret that Twitter’s primary function has always been as a news outlet; the site has always been relied upon to track down the latest breaking stories, most popular blog articles, and most popular photographs.

If you want more people to see your brand, it makes sense to develop “Moments” that reflect your take on breaking events. Share your thoughts and the newest tweets on breaking news with the world by curating and publishing them through Moments.

2. Make entertaining summaries,

It’s not enough to just compile the recommendations of a few prominent figures in your field and post them on your site to create a roundup. A social media roundup on any random topic is a certain way to increase interaction with your audience.

You may get a lot of laughs by asking your followers to contribute something personal, such a childhood story, a phobia, a selfie, or anything else that reveals their human side.

3. Get people talking on Twitter.

By now, you’ve already heard that hashtags make it possible to join in on discussions already taking place on Twitter. There is a thrilling new technique to capitalise on the popularity of trending hashtags: generating a whole “moment” with the greatest tweets around a hashtag.

Better still, you may initiate your own Twitter conversations by coining your own “moment” hashtag to raise people’s interest and visibility.

4. Fourth, bring up old tweets

It’s easy for your tweet to be buried among the more than 500 million that are posted every day on the site.

Moments may be a simple approach to bring back to the forefront tweets that may have stalled out in the rankings due to external factors.

Do you want greater attention paid to the three-week-long report you just tweeted? Bring it back to light with a #TwitterMoment. Do you wish you had more comments on an event post that you published at the incorrect time? Use a “Twitter Moment” to bring it back to the forefront.

Using ‘Twitter Moments,’ Cosmopolitan re-posted all of their tweets from the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, attracting new readers.

In conclusion

Twitter’s ‘Twitter Moments’ will be its hero as it makes a comeback in the social media world. Recent improvements to ‘Moments’ ensure that users may access them with the least amount of friction possible and read the newest news without any disruptions, even though the product is still struggling to achieve traction with the 300 million advertisers present on the site.

Your ability to think outside the box when designing ads will determine how you put “Twitter Moments” to use. These four methods are not the only ones for promoting content with “Twitter Moments,” but they are among the simplest.

‘Twitter Moments’ may also be used to promote corporate news and newest advancements, collect internal feedback, feature great customer tales and tweets, share an inspiring narrative, and so much more!