You’ve probably heard by now that Instagram introduced a new feature called Instagram Reels to their app last month. With this update, users and brands alike now have even more options for interacting with their followers through video posts on Instagram. Before Instagram Reels, there were Stories and IGTV. It’s hardly surprising that this new video feature has quickly garnered so much traction, given the meteoric increase of video content across social media platforms in recent years.

Short form video material is hardly new, but Tik Tok was the first to popularise it globally. Instagram wanted to give a comparable tool to its users after seeing the popularity and engagement that came from it, so they created Instagram Reels.

Businesses quickly adopted Instagram Reels as a means of connecting with their customers after witnessing the phenomenon’s widespread popularity.

What, Exactly, Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are user-created, short videos that may be shared in a user’s feed. The duration of the video should be between 3 and 15 seconds. There is a wide range of possibilities to consider when making videos. The video might be shot in one continuous take or in several shorter segments. Videos may be captured either live within the app or in advance and uploaded.

You’ve probably seen a Reel or two if you’ve been on Instagram recently. Go to Instagram’s Explore section to look at some examples before you make your own.

How Do You Make a Reel, Anyway?

Click the camera symbol in the top left of the homepage or the plus sign in the top left of your profile page to begin making a Reel. No matter whatever choice you select, you will be shown a variety of content types before finally settling on Reels. If you’re accessing it via your Story, you’ll find it at the very end.

Audio You may use current music trends in your videos if you have a personal or creator account on Instagram. Audio uploads are disabled for business accounts to prevent copyright violations. However, videos uploaded from corporate accounts can have original music.

Speed Here is where you may change the pace at which your video is being recorded.

Effects When you select effects, a menu of available filters for your video will appear.

After deciding on the appropriate filters, you can begin recording by pressing and holding the Instagram Reels Recording Button. To record in segments, press and hold the button for the amount of time that segment should last. Keep in mind that the duration of the entire clip must not go over 15 seconds. If you record a short segment and then decide you want to redo it, you may remove the previous clip without losing the full video by clicking the arrow to the left of the record button. You may get rid of the previous video by clicking the trash can button.

When you’ve finished shooting your video and are ready to edit it, you’ll get a menu of options similar to those seen when making a Story if you click the right arrow next to the record button. Your movie can have text, images, emojis, GIFs, and even hand-drawn additions. When you’re finished, press the right arrow once again to proceed to the next screen.

How can I put reels to work for my company?

Finally, the solution to everyone’s burning question… In what ways may companies take use of Instagram Reels?

Spread Your Name Around More

To begin, Instagram Reels are a fantastic tool for expanding a company’s reach and increasing customer participation. Companies may use this to their advantage by showcasing their wares in an engaging and original manner. Attracting more attention from viewers may boost sales and publicity. In the same way that viewers may comment on and like regular blog posts, they can do the same with your Reel.

Boost Influence

Reels’ versatility in posting locations is a major advantage above standard Instagram posts. It could appeal to a wider audience than you think. You may increase the number of people who see your posts and the number of times they are viewed by publishing a Reel to the Explore page.

Exhibit Your Individuality

Instagram Businesses may gain more exposure and better showcase their unique qualities by using reels. Personalities really come through when you browse the various Reels created by individual users under the Explore button. In a same vein, brands will be able to freely and openly communicate not only what they sell but also who they are. This can help your brand to obtain recognition and credibility in the eyes of consumers. Brands that employ Reels are more likely to appeal to social media users because of the personality they convey.

A growing trend in the corporate world is the production of “Reels,” which provide inside glances into the company and its operations and the individuals who manage it. Transitions have also been employed by others, such as fashion businesses, to showcase their wares.


Instagram Reels, which have only been around for a month, have taken the globe by storm, and they’re just going to get more and more popular from here on out. Brands that don’t keep up with social media developments risk falling behind the competition. And Reels are already available! It’s the latest fad, so you should definitely check them out on Instagram and see what kind of promotional chances you can find there for your business.